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Impact Partners

First Slide KELY First Slide Chatteris Educational Foundation

We work with reputable and seasoned NGOs to deliver photography training to those most in need of employment opportunities.

Typically, we select partners based on potential snappers' proximity to tourist destinations, linguistic abilities, and economic need to find the best candidates who will benefit from our training. If you have a local group in mind, please share with us. We are all ears.

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Photography Training

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How to get involved

Whether you're a budding photographer looking to train in-field with us, or a passionate travel-bug who wants to recommend someone to try our photography curriculum, please contact us to find ways to get involved.

With each Snapventure booking, WanderSnap will also attribute $5 towards photography training, whether they are directly carried by the WanderSnap team or in parnterhsip with a local impact partner. You directly help the cause with each booking.

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