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To start an empathy movement where travel and story-telling meets to inspire good.

WanderSnap affordably connects families and businesses with local photographers to create beautiful work and life images. We are the first truly automated, flex-price, do-good marketplace for connecting wanderlusters with photographers.

Look Good. Do Good.


We live in an age of vanity powered by mobile penetration and social media addiction. To think, the reflex muscle of extending your forearm to take a selfie was never born out of evolutionary need (survival of fitness, eh?). Daily, 3.5Billion photos were shared socially in 2015. We want to challenge the possibility - what if your snaps on the road can create purposeful jobs amongst those you visit in faraway lands? Happiness is a human virtue, and you can experience that while exploring the world, or while doing a job where you find purpose and choice. We hope you will join us in this happiness movement.

Why WanderSnap?

Creativity should be flexible, so should pricing. Goodbye fixed packages, that was so 1990s !

Price for Everyone

Creativity is subjective, so we don't believe in prix-fixe packages. Whether you are a backpacker looking to try for first time, or a family looking for once-in-a-lifetime shot, we have something (fair) for everyone at flexible hourly rate.

Easy Booking

From snapper selection, to scheduling availability, to payment, we got you. You don't need a vacation from just booking a photographer! Our site is built to save you time.

Tailor to your Taste

From 2D photography, to world's best-known Instagrammers, to the kid-friendly snappers, to those more daring taking snaps from drone or underwater,there is something for everyone.

Social Impact

Travelling to a foreign land is a privilege that many do not have. You have an opportunity to add to a community, rather than subtracting from, by creating purposeful photography jobs that wouldn't otherwise be there.

Snappers in Charge

Photography is an art, so we believe in leaving full creative control to our talented community of snappers. As a snapper, YOU will set the price, schedule, output (raw vs edited photos), and style.

Join Our Crew

Where to find us?

Whether you need a dose of #wanderlust inspiration, or just want to say hello, please find us at either our HK or Shanghai office.


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